Frequently asked questions about the clinic

Children and Family

  • Our clinic is for adults 18+. We do not have the ability to supervise children while their parent is seeing the doctor. 
  • We will try our best to accommodate  one accompanying adult with the patient at the time of consultation. 
  • Our questionnaire and consultation is in English.  If you do not speak or write English, please bring a translator.

Is there a cost for the consult or the treatment?

  • The consult cost and most treatments are covered by OHIP.
  • Some advanced procedures do have a cost that can be covered by the patient or supplemental insurance.  

Can I be seen the same day?

No. Patients are typically seen for the initial consultation within two weeks after receiving the referral.

Do you treat fractures or acute pain?

No. We specialize in chronic pain and sports complaints that require interventional treatment. 

Fractures  are best treated at an acute care facility like an emergency department. 

Do you treat cancer pain?

No. Cancer pain is not currently treated at our facility.


Frequently asked questions about treatment

How fast can I resume activity?

With most of the treatment options, regular activities can be resumed shortly after procedure. 

Heavy training or lifting straining is not recommended until 3 days post procedure. 

It also depends on the severity of your injury.

How many treatments do I need?

Each patient and their injury is different.

Some people require a short course of therapy whereas others will require care over a longer period of time.

Do I need a referral for a consult?

Yes. A referral from your family physician or another specialist physician is needed. You can download or send our clinic information to your doctor to get started.

Can I get treatment if I'm in a wheelchair?

Yes. Patients in wheelchairs are treated at our facility.

Patients must be able to stand and pivot transfer in order to receive treatment.

Do you treat people on blood thinners?

Some procedures may require stopping blood thinning medication prior to the procedure.

Typically the family doctor or specialist who prescribes the blood thinner will decide whether it is safe for the patient to stop the blood thinner for their procedure.

Do I have to be fasting for treatment?

No. In fact, a light breakfast or light lunch is beneficial on your first visit.

Other frequently asked questions

What else can I do to get my lower back pain better?

General recommendations:

  • Maintaining ideal weight (BMI less than 25) can prevent less stress on your spine and your joints. 
  • 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week or as tolerated (brisk walks, swimming, etc.).
  • Healthy lifestyle changes to prevent sedentary tendencies (sit less than 45 min. at a time).

If you’d like more information, ask your doctor at time of consultation. 

I have chronic pain but I’m pregnant, what now?

 A consultation to evaluate your problem and to obtain information regarding your condition is possible at our clinic. 

However, interventional pain treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant.

Can I have treatment if I have a fever, a recent infection, or recent surgery?

If you are suffering from an infection, are planning on having surgery or have had recent surgery then your procedure may need to be rescheduled.

Please contact the clinic if you require clarification.