What to expect when you visit our pain treatment center

Arrive Early

  • There will be paperwork to fill out at the first visit, please allow time to fill it out.
  • Check-in at the reception desk in the waiting room using your valid Ontario Health card.
  • Bring your prescription drug plan, imaging (xray, MRI,CT) reports, or other documents related to your problem area.  

Dress Appropriately

  • The painful/interest area may be examined at the time of consult. 
  • Wear appropriate clothing to allow exposure of the area.

Decide with your doctor

  • You will be presented with an opinion and plan of treatment as appropriate.
  •  Your family physician/referring physician will get a copy of the consultation.

Same-Day Treatment

  • Depending on your diagnosis, treatment may take place the same day of your consultation.
  • Plan for your transportation home after your procedure.


A post procedure follow up may be  arranged for re-evaluation and assessment of relief. 

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TIPS - The Interventional Pain Specialists

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